Testimonials – Addy 1 Cycle Coaching Perth


Fraser Hanlan

After taking 4 years away from the bike, I decided last year to get the bike off the garage wall and ride it. It wasn’t long before I had got the bug back. After several very average performances back in the racing scene, I decided I needed a coach. Bob wasn’t my first choice. With a few months coaching under my belt I wanted to take my riding to another level, enter Bob.In the few months I have been under Bob’s guidance, my riding and racing have improved beyond belief and my confidence as a rider has also improved. If you are looking for improvements on your bike, want a coach that communicates with you and understands your needs, then I highly recommend Bob.

Ian Clark

Bob Addy is a coach that will get you the results you want. Whether it be to improve your fitness or right up to racing at a National level. His knowledge, extensive history in the sport and enthusiasm will help you to achieve your desired goals. I have a very hectic work life schedule and in the short time I have been working with Bob, he has been able to work around my schedule, keep me motivated and improve my fitness. Nothing is too hard for Bob and he is always on the end of the phone for any advice you need. If you want to improve on your current level of cycling then look no further. Bob with definitely get you there.

Doug Stewart

Approximately 18 months ago I had the honour of being able to engage Bob as my primary coach/mentor for all of my training needs. At the time, the step from my then current coach was a hard one as I had achieved many if not all of my goals – it was essentially a leap of faith into the unknown but one that I knew I had to make if I wanted to become a more complete rider.
Over the 18 months our relationship has blossomed to one of more than coach/athlete and I now include both Bob and Wendy as close friends who really do have my best interests at heart (it is not just about the bike). As a consequence of this relationship my cycling has markedly improved in many areas that before were areas of concern, but what i now consider as areas of strength.
Bob’s technical ability as a coach uses a good mixture of both new and old methodologies born through years of experience and continual research/review. Dialogue with Bob is not a “one way street” and being an ex pro rider he is empathetic to a cyclists needs whilst also being able to get the most out of you as an athlete. One of the most important aspects for myself is that he also delivers on what he promises – integrity and commitment being second to none.
In short, if you’re looking for wholistic approach to your training and want to achieve more out of yourself both on and off the bike I would highly recommend Addy 1 training.

Wade Longworth

Over the last four years Bob Addy’s coaching has helped me achieve my goals as a cyclist and developed me into a better person all round. His wisdom and experience in the sport is almost unmatched within WA and His ability to understand the needs of an athlete and create an individual program was the key to developing my cycling and all of Bob’s athletes. His firm, but understanding approach encourages athletes to push themselves further than what they believe their capable of, while appreciating and catering for the everyday constraints of life. The diversity he has allows him to help athletes from a variety of backgrounds and styles of cycling such as road cycling, time trial and triathlon, as well as being able to provide support for athletes of all levels from beginner to well-trained athletes.
Bob has helped me to become the cyclist I am now. The support he has provided me over the last 4 years has developed me from an average state level rider to become a competitive state, national and international level athlete. He listens to me as an athlete and creates a program around my needs. Bob values the importance of my education and work and shows great understanding for these matters. I would highly recommend Bob Addy to any athlete looking for wisdom and knowledge about racing or for those looking to get their cycling to a competitive level.

Brian Buck

Bob Addy has been involved in cycling forever (well over 50years anyway). In that time he has competed at the top level (In TDF), represented Britain over 139 times. Bob has managed Teams and coached numerous riders at all levels from International riders to club riders like myself. His approach to cycling is one of honesty and integrity. He will tell you how he sees you and your riding and he will help you improve your riding/racing, no matter what your goal. He is at the forefront of all the latest trends in coaching.
For me personally, with Bob’s coaching and mentoring, I have won medals in several state cycling titles and medals in a couple of Australian titles.
If you want real coaching and mentoring that works. If you want coaching that is specific to you and the time you have available for training then Bob Addy is the coach for you.

Matt Swan

In the short time Bob Addy has been my cycling coach, he has provided me with the direction, training programmes and the tools needed to become a competitive cyclist. Always readily available, through his extensive knowledge or just a friendly chat. Thanks for everything Bob and looking forward to the future!!!

James Lambert

I decided to take up competitive cycling in February 2013. Six months later and still struggling to even stay afloat in a B-grade race I met Bob. Eight months later I have returned home to New Zealand and won my regional club championships and feel completely comfortable jumping into an A-grade race here in Perth. To me, Bob’s training style is to cycling what Arthur Lydiard was for running, his methods based on a strong endurance base and periodisation. You won’t need to sit in front of a computer after a ride to tell you your improving with Bob’s way of doing things.

Alison Dyson

I started racing in 2009 and met Bob in late 2010 while competing at a West Coast Masters event. I was competing in D grade at the time and getting frustrated at my lack of improvement. A friend pointed me towards Bob who was happy to help. He took me on rides to ‘show’ me how to train and gave me the confidence to attack and ‘take part’ in a race.
The following year I won my first two National titles in the road race and criterium in Adelaide with the AVCC. I went on to compete in the South Pacific Championships winning the road race, criterium and time trial. I would never have had the confidence to compete in these events without Bob. He showed me how to train, prepare and race. Earlier this year while competing at the track nationals in Adelaide I hit the wall psychologically and it was Bob’s phone calls and advise that enabled me to pick myself up, compete and retain my title for a second year.
So now three years after meeting Bob (and three years older) I am able to compete in B grade – I think that shows his methods work! So if you are prepared to work hard and you want a coach who is genuinely interested in ‘YOUR’ cycling ambition, with over 50 years experience to draw on – you have found your coach.